Beef Cheeks With Melody of Roast Winter Vegetables & Buttered Green Beans
Slow Cooked Beef Ribs with Jacket Potatoes & Aromatic Slaw
Slow Cooked Lamb Ribs, Lyonnaise Potatoes, Green Leaf Salad, Minted Yogurt
BBQ Pork Ribs with Savoury Rice & Roast Corn Salsa

From the paddock to the plate

Cooking at home can sometimes be stressful and time consuming. As an Executive Chef in the industry for 20 years I totally understand the pressures involved in sourcing and creating high quality and flavoursome meals at home. Riverland Meat Company has solved this problem by producing restaurant quality pre prepared meats. With simple instructions you too can have restaurant quality meals in your own home. Riverland Meat Company sources the highest quality pasture and grain fed meats. If you enjoy tender slow cooked beef ribs, fall off the bone lamb shanks, traditional style BBQ pork ribs, melt in your mouth beef cheeks and succulent lamb ribs you’ll love Riverland Meat products.

Skip the supermarkets

and buy food from the same people we do.

Shane Keighley - Australian Olympic Culinary Captain

Superior quality!

Superior taste, seriously happy.

Sam McCrystal - Executive Chef, Summit Restaurant

Perfectly cooked ribs

in less than half an hour, bloody beautiful.

Lorenzo Nobilio - Executive Chef, bistro Alegria